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istock_000007960038xsmall2Every parent wants the very best for their children, but single parents are often faced with trying to accomplish that huge task with half the resources.

A recent study by the US Census Bureau reported that 79% of all single mothers work and 23.4% of all single-parent families are living below the poverty level. The discouraging connection between those two statistics is that the majority of parents who are working full or part-time are the same parents who are living below the poverty level.

Online college classes offer solutions, no matter what your family situation may be.

More and more single parents are attending colleges these days. In the last ten years the number of single parents enrolled in college classes has increased from 7% to 13% percent. As more single parents earn their college degrees, they make more money in their current jobs or find higher-paying positions. When you are equipped with sophisticated skills and extensive educational training, suddenly opportunities that seemed out of reach before are suddenly at your fingertips.

There are several reasons why online education is beneficial for families:

Online classes can be more efficient than campus classes.

In a typical campus class, sometimes half of the time is spent making announcements or tending to administrative matters. As you take your classes online you can spend extra time on difficult concepts or power through easier assignments at your own pace, all while avoiding the droning voice of a professor or listening to people ask irrelevant questions.

Online classes offer flexibility to families.

Maybe your daughter takes a nap everyday at 1 pm and sleeps for exactly an hour, but the more likely scenario is that your daughter avoids taking naps at all costs and only after sufficient crying and complaining does she fall asleep. For moms taking classes online, they have the option of studying at a different time each day, depending on the day’s different family activities. You can get work done in the early mornings or at nights when the kids are asleep. At brick-and-mortar schools you have to attend the classes when they are offered, which is often in the middle of the day, disrupting family activities.

Online education can save you money.

When taking campus classes, many families spend almost as much money on child care as they do on tuition! Average child care fees for one infant range from $3,803 to $13,480 a year, according to a recent study from the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies. When parents take classes online they can use the money that they would have spent on child care to pay for other important household costs.

Parents who complete their education teach their children valuable life lessons.

Going back to school is no small task but when children see their parents do the work necessary to obtain a degree they learn important lessons about perseverance, hard work, and the value of an education. You can preach all day about how important it is to go to school but example is always the most effective teacher. As parents gain more knowledge they are able to share it with their children and help them with homework. Studies show that children of college-educated parents are more likely to attend college as well.


All of these benefits will improve the quality of your life and in turn improve the quality of your family’s life. The lessons you learn through continuing education will have a ripple effect on your children and leave them with a long-lasting impression about the value of a degree.

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