The Ten Most Difficult Aspects of Online Courses

Taking online courses from online colleges or other schools is one of the most convenient ways to earn a college degree. However, online courses have specific difficulties that are different than taking a course in a class room. Here are the ten most difficult aspects of online courses.

- Distraction

Distraction is part of every college course whether taken in person or online. Online courses have the added allure of the internet, which is an immensely efficient time waster. Be prepared for distraction: set goals, and reward yourself when you achieve them.

- Auditory Learners

Online lectures are often written. If you learn by listening, it can be difficult to absorb material as readily as in a lecture hall. Try reading lecture material aloud to yourself.

- Self-discipline

Without the pressure of worrying whether the professor will notice you are in class or not, it is all too easy to ignore your study needs and play video games or go out to party instead of studying. Stick to a schedule!

- Interruptions

Related to distractions, interruptions usually take the form of a household member like a child or pet requiring attention. These sorts of interruptions can be mitigated by setting aside special alone time where all household members know the student needs to work.

- Remoteness

Distance from the professor and class can make an online course seem remote or pointless. It is easy to overload on courses and burn out – treat online courses as you would in person courses, and your computer as the lecture hall.

- Hands-on Learners

A lack of hands on experience can make learning certain subjects more difficult. Look for interactive online software and ask your professor if he or she has a good recommendation for an interactive support system.

- Availability

Although billed as being flexible, sometimes online courses are offered only in certain subjects, by certain universities. Look at public universities in various states like Oregon and Arizona as they’ve often on the cutting edge of class offerings.

- Expense

Online classes can sometimes be more expensive than the equivalent at a community college due to tacked on ‘technology fees’. Shop carefully for the best price before enrolling, and compare the online to in-class price.

- Reputability

Degree mills are still around, and some unscrupulous sites are always popping up that claim to offer courses. Be wary, and only take courses at accredited institutions.

- Time

Online courses are just like those taken in person. They require effort, and time. Some students try to cram online courses in during slow hours at work, and this is not advisable.

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