Back To College Basics: Ten Things You Should Do Before Your First Day of Classes

As the first day of class approaches, there are several things for every college student to consider before getting started. The following ten guidelines will help make the school year run more smoothly, and fewer issues often mean a better academic performance.
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1.) Have a checking account and credit card established. A credit card is especially good for unexpected emergencies or expenses, and does not necessarily have to be used otherwise.

2.) Establish a monthly budget by allowing a weekly spending amount. By staying within your budget, overspending is curbed and bills are paid more easily.

3.) Find a computer to bring with you. A laptop is preferable for its mobility, but a desktop will work fine. Writing papers will be much easier with a computer, with fewer trips to the library.

4.) Have your class schedule handy, and if you have moved onto campus early, practice finding the buildings yourself and walking the route.

5.) Set a study schedule, by devoting at least two hours each day to homework. The earlier a study routine is established, the easier the academic challenges will be.

6.) Acquire a campus map, especially if attending a large university and little exploring has been done. Try to become better acquainted with the area and its resources, and investigate the school’s extracurricular activities.

7.) Find out when a major must be declared, as different majors have different deadlines. At some schools, involvement in certain activities, such as athletics, will require an earlier declaration.

8.) Study your school’s graduation requirements, and plan how you will satisfy them during your college tenure. Meet with an adviser if you are uncertain about any requirements.

9.) Have a backpack ready, as some books are heavy. Make sure it is stocked with all the necessary school supplies, and that all textbooks obtained are the correct edition.

10.) Make sure you are adequately supplied with any medications that you use regularly, and that your wardrobe fits the area’s climate.

These tips should prove helpful in making your college or university experience better, especially when considering the importance of a good education.

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