Ten Books You Should Read Before Entering An Online College

Attending college online can be intimidating. Many new students do not know exactly what to expect, since they have not taken an online class previously. Fortunately, there are a number of books available to online students that will help them prepare themselves for this upcoming chapter of their lives.

Top Ten Books That Online College Students Need to Read:

1. Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck, this book help students figure out what they truly want to do with their lives and how to work towards their goals. This is a great read for young adults that are unsure of what career to pursue.

2. 50 Best Jobs For Your Personality by Laurence Shatkin and J. Michael Farr, this book is a very unique resource that helps college students choose a future career, based on their personality type.

3. The Complete Resume Job Search Book for College Students: The A-To-Z Career Guide for College Students and Recent Grads by Bob Adams and Laura Morin, this book will help students develop their resume and learn how to ace an interview.

4. Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler, will help motivate students to work toward their goals and make this year their best one yet.

5. Get Your Degree Online by Matthew Helm and April Helm, this book will help students discover what classes to take, degrees to pursue, and how to earn their degree online.

6. Bears Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning by Mariah P. Bear and Thomas Nixon. This book was written to help young adults understand the importance and convienece of an online degree, while offering a variety of important tips.

7. Real World Careers: Why College is Not the Only Path to Becoming Rich: by Betsy Cummings, this book will help online students understand why they need to concentrate on their studies, in order to enjoy financial success in the future.

8. Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer by Susan Whitcomb, this book teaches students how to write a professional resume, which is an important skill that can be used during and after college.

9. Career Wisdom for College Students: Insights You Won’t Get in Class, on the Internet, or from Your Parents by Peter Vogt. Sometimes college can’t teach you everything that you need to know. Fortunately, this book will help fill in the gaps.

10. Talent Is Never Enough: Discover the Choices That Will Take You Beyond Your Talent by John C. Maxwell, this book will help students build on their talents and reach their full potential.

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