Ten Things To Look For In A Part-Time Job While You Attend An Online College

Enrolling in an online college degree program is a great way to boost your career and money-making potential. One of the greatest benefits of doing school online is that you can still work while earning your degree. Here are ten things you should look for in a job while you are taking classes from an online college:

1. Try to find a job that relates to the degree you are pursuing. The best part-time job would be one that informs your studies and gives you “insider” knowledge about your degree. For example, if you are studying finance, an ideal part-time job would be working at a bank or financial institution.

2. While a job that relates to your online classes is great, you should not choose a job that is too intellectually draining. You will want to be “fresh” for your coursework and not feel overwhelmed by your job.

3. Find a part-time job that doesn’t require a long commute. That extra driving time will add up and may detract from your studies.

4. Be sure the job you choose does not require you to take extra work home each day. You want a part-time job where your work stays at the office and doesn’t come home with you each night.

5. Choose a part-time job that does not require you to learn a large quantity of new information or new skills. Your focus after work should be on your online classes, not on memorizing information for your new job.

6. Find a job that can be flexible. Though your classes are online, you may be asked to participate in simulated classes through a web cam, and you will need to work your job hours around that course requirement.

7. Find a job that can support you and your family financially. You should not go into debt to cover personal expenses while you are earning your degree.

8. Choose a part-time job that will boost your resume. While earning an online degree is great, working at a burger shop for a year may not impress future employers.

9. Look for a company that has opportunities for advancement. Once you have earned your online degree, you will be one of the first people they consider for those “higher up” jobs

10. Finally, choose a job you enjoy! A part-time job doesn’t have to be something you simply “endure” until you can find a better opportunity. You should find a part-time job that makes you want to go to work each day.

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