The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By Students At Online Colleges

Taking classes from online colleges presents its own unique challenges that students need to overcome. Here are ten of the most common mistakes made by students at online colleges.

10. Taking it too easy. Online colleges often have accelerated programs that allow students to complete a degree program faster. These courses may only allow for a few weeks for completion, making using every opportunity to complete work important.

9. Not choosing a degree. While it’s not always required to select a degree program, many students may take online courses not knowing what they intend to do in the long term. Choosing a direction is an important step in completing online college education.

8. Poor planning. Time must be carefully structured in order to complete courses on time. This can also mean having all documents and other college related needs taken care of as they are due.

7. Unplanned expenses. Online colleges have expenses on par with regular colleges, or in some cases may have additional costs. This is often experienced for courses where lab equipment would be provided by the college but instead must be purchased by the student.

6. Delaying supplies. For those who have accelerated courses, obtaining books and supplies early is critical to completing their education. This can mean ordering books in advance and knowing where to find supplies locally if necessary.

5. Not asking enough questions. Whether during the enrollment process or during courses, some students do not ask questions that can become important such as when homework is due, when classes must be chosen or when financial aid is due.

4. Not using all available resources. Online colleges offer a number of resources for students to use such as online libraries, access to instructors and other help. These resources can be valuable tools for an online college education.

3. Forgetting about financial aid. Financial aid is available for students at online colleges and can make college more affordable. Many students forget to use any available resources for financial aid or do not fill it out in time.

2. Unreliable internet or computers. Online colleges require reliable internet and access to a computer in order to complete coursework.

1. Choosing the right college. Not all online colleges are accredited, and students should carefully research which ones are before enrolling.

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