How To Keep Up In Your Online Courses While On Vacation

Taking a vacation is a good way to enjoy a much-needed break from school and work. Some online courses have several deadlines that are posted weekly, making it difficult to simply take time off. This article will explain a few important things to remember about keeping current with studies.

1. Inform the instructors – send an email to the instructors of each course as far in advance as possible. They understand that some events require time off from the course and are usually willing to provide a list of solutions to students.

2. Ask for early submission permission – directly ask each instructor for permission to submit assignments or take tests early. Some tests only have a one or two-day window in which they can be taken. Most instructors are willing to open the link early for students who cannot meet the deadline. Asking to take a test in advance is better than asking to take it later, as this can be seen as an excuse for procrastination.

3. Make a priority list - sometimes submitting assignments and taking tests early may not be possible. Make a list of required online submissions or activities, such as discussions, that can be completed in a short amount of time. These activities can be completed in an internet cafe, hotel wi-fi station or on a laptop during vacation. Also consider which courses require reading and how much room will be allotted for books while traveling. Bring as many reading assignments as possible – or simply bring the book for the class that has the most reading. This can be done during vacation to keep current on the schedule.

4. Check in – it is not necessary to check in every day, but send the instructors of each course an email at least once during the week. Ask if any additional assignments have been added or any sudden changes have been made to existing assignments or the schedule. Some instructors post this information on the online message board, so in such a case, it wouldn’t be necessary. Keeping them informed is the key idea.

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