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If you’re a college student who needs advice on financial aid, have you listened to The College Planning Group founder Stan Ezekiel’s FAFSA radio show? If not missed it, check out their Plan for College Blog. Stan is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent resources for college students, including on the FAFSA. 

Below you will find a brief overview of the radio show:

  • Why is early college planning important?
    Early planning for college is extremely important. Far too often students do not plan accordingly, and they either end up at a college/university that they don’t like. Students may also find they cannot afford the college that they are attending, and have to transfer. It is extremely important that you fill out the FAFSA before the deadline, to ensure that you receive the maximum amount aid that you qualify for. When planning for college, students should take the time and visit each campus they are applying to. It is hard to make a decision on which school you want to attend if you don’t get a chance to visit.
  • Who is eligible for college financial aid?
    There are two types of financial aid, merit based and needs based aid. Merit based aid varies by institution, and determined by a combination of the student’s SAT/ACT scores and GPA.
  • Do all colleges give the same financial aid?
    No, each college/university has a unique system when it comes from distributing institutional aid.
  • American Opportunity Credit
    I didn’t know about the American Opportunity Credit (AOC) until I listened to the radio show. If you have at least two students in college, check to see if you qualify for the AOC. If you qualify for the AOC, make sure you take that into account when filing your taxes.

If you liked what you heard today, you’ll want to check out The College Planning Group to learn more.

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