Tips to Find a Summer Internship

Zachary Tennessen on a summer internship with Argonne National Laboratory

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means — it’s internship season! The ideal internship situation will include both learning opportunities as well as a paycheck. If you are looking for an internship this summer, here’s some suggestions for where you can find one.

  1. Check your college job board for internship openings. Keep an eye on your campus’s job board to see all the latest postings.
  2. Ask your career counselor about internships. Your college career center is going to have the 411 on the best internship opportunities in your specific area of study.
  3. Look for internships online. Take advantage of great resources online like Monster, or Intern Queen, Inc.
  4. Attend job / career fairs. You’ll get face time with recruiters and companies that have openings. Before you go, make sure you read what not to do at a career expo.
  5. Ask teachers if they’ve heard of any internships. Teachers are in the know and may have a suggestion of any internship availabilities that may be ideal for you. One of our writers got a summer internship simply by asking his professor!
  6. Find a place that does what you want to do, and offer to be an intern. If there’s a place you want to intern, why not contact them directly? We know a guy who is doing a cancer research internship this summer who landed it by contacting them directly. He sent the company his resume, told them why he would be an ideal intern, and got the gig! Since all the paid internships had been taken, the company even found him a scholarship to compensate for his time.
  7. Start looking for internships early! Since the early bird gets the worm, it’s never too early to start looking for an internship opportunity. There’s a lot of students who want an internship, and starting the search early will pay off.

Some companies use internships as a means of recruitment and basic job training. If they like you, there’s a chance you’ll have a job waiting for you down the road.

What’s your best tip for landing a summer internship?

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