How to Make the Most of your College Library

While you know the library can be used for check out books and finding scholarly articles, your college library can be so much more. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your campus library:

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1. Check out Movies and Music. While most of the movies  and music in your library may be for educational purposes, that doesn’t mean they all lack entertainment value. If you’ve exhausted your personal collections head here for a wider selection.

2. Use Expensive Software. If you’re like many college students, your personal computer may be pretty bare bones. Software is expensive, especially if you’re going into a digital design field. Save yourself some money and hop on a school computer. You’ll also be more productive as you won’t be distracted by your roommates.

3. Practice your presentations. Many libraries have rooms that are soundproof. Take advantage of this by working on your speeches. You’ll get a chance to read out loud without roommates considering your sanity. Hearing your speech will also allow you to realize things you may not have noticed by just reading it.

4. Go to the stacks. Bring a special friend. Do something educational. *wink wink*

5. Print your papers. We all know that ink is ridiculously expensive and chances are you got a printing allotment with your tuition. Take advantage of that and pop into the library to print your papers before class.

6. Get a date. Seriously, don’t study in your dorm room and wonder why you never go on dates. Your next boyfriend/ girlfriend doesn’t know where you live. Make yourself available! Sit at a large table alone and wait for the hotties to take the bait.

7. Arrange Study Groups. Don’t want the crazies in your class to know where you live? The library is wonderful for study groups because everyone knows where it is and no one has to straighten up before or after your study session.

Monty the Therapy Dog. Photo from Yale University

8. Read a Magazine. Most colleges subscribe to a wide variety of magazines. Check out the latest news, fashions, or recipes on the college’s dime.

9. Check out a dog. Students at Yale Law School are able to check out Monty- a therapy dog, for 30 minutes to help relieve stress.

10. Check out Electronics. Libraries aren’t just for checking out books these days. You’ll likely be able to check out a video camera or projector for a few days.


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