Why You Should Go to Summer School

Back in grade school, probably the least appealing thing anyone could have suggested to me involved taking classes during the summer. The mere thought of summer school made me cringe, and I didn’t want anyone infringing on my right to a homework-free summer. But once I got to college, the game changed. As I saw thousands of students staying in school to take summer classes, I realized that they were on to something. There are many reasons why you should stick around the classroom come summertime.

Get Your General Education Requirements Out of the Way

Most college have a list of classes that they require all students to take. The goal is to give everyone a well-rounded education and give them exposure to all subjects and careers. While these classes can be interesting and informative, they often turn into a chore class that you struggle to find time to fit in with your classes that actually pertain to your major. Summer term is a great time to take these classes. The different subject matter will take you out of the normal school routine. You will be able to make progress toward your degree much more quickly by taking summer classes.

Stay in the Social Scene

Although many students look forward to sumer as a time to unwind or get out of the daily college grind, many end up as hermits who waste months hanging around the house. While summer should be a time to relax, you don’t need to go into social hibernation until September. Summer classes are an excellent way to keep you socially involved. I would venture to say that summer classes actually provide a better atmosphere for meeting people than the normal school year. This is because summer classes are usually smaller, which creates a more intimate setting to develop closer relationships with classmates. So if you’re looking to make a few new friends, consider finding them in a summer class.

Out of Town? Online is the Answer

It is true that the majority of college students either go home for the summer or find work or an internship to keep them busy. For those of you who don’t stay close to campus during the summer months, there is an option for you as well. Almost all colleges now offer options for distance learning, whether it be through online classes, independent study, or another method of taking classes. Online classes are nice because they usually have deadlines for you to meet, keeping you on schedule to finish the course in a certain amount of time. If you don’t think you can consistently find time to meet periodic deadlines, some colleges offer independent study courses. These classes let you work at your own pace, as long as you finish the course within a designated period of time, such as a year. These courses typically cost more money, but they can be worth it depending on your circumstances.

Consider these benefits of summer school, because they can make a huge difference in your college life. You can speed up your progress towards graduation, which could end up saving you money due to rising tuition costs. You might also make some new friends that could turn into meaningful relationship. Whatever your reasons, consider taking summer classes and you won’t be disappointed.

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