What to Wear to an Online Class

When it comes to attending an online class, you might think you’re home free when it comes to your personal appearance and sweat pants is all you’ll need this semester. When you’re sitting alone in your living room, no one else will care what you’re wearing, right? While that might be, it’s important to get ready for class… even if it’s at home. Here’s how to dress for an online class — and why.

For your first day of online class, you may be tempted to wear your pajamas. As an image professional, I would encourage you to reconsider. By taking the time and effort to shower, get dressed, and put yourself together before class, you’re going to take yourself more seriously in class. Why? Because “the way you dress impacts the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act, and the way that others react to you.” (Judith Rasband)

Now I’m not suggesting you wear a suit and tie to an online class. Let’s be reasonable here! All I’m suggesting is that instead of reaching for your sweat pants and T-shirt the morning of your online class, put on a nice pair of pants and a collared shirt like a polo or button-down. If you opt for a nice pair of jeans and blouse, that’s fine, too. When you dress nice, you’ll feel better about yourself, your productivity will improve, and you’ll subsequently do better in school. Not only will it help you in your studies, but with your career preparation as well. Jeans and T-shirts typically aren’t included in corporate dress codes.

Remember, just like you dress up for a phone interview, it’s important to put yourself together for class as well.

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