Be Prepared For Natural Disasters In College

With all the earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and fires happening more frequently, college students need to prepare themselves for an emergency before it’s too late. Some, if not most universities have emergency plans for such occasions, but even then they can’t help everyone. Natural disasters are a part of life, and those who aren’t prepared are usually the ones who suffer the most. There are a few things that every college student should have close in case of an emergency.

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These include:
• Flashlights
• Snacks
• Radio
• Cash in small bills
• Batteries
• Water
• Swiss army knife
• extra pair of socks and shoes
• first aid kit
• blanket

If you have a car, this will probably be the best place to keep these things. Try fitting them all in a backpack that you can grab when you are in a hurry. Having these simple items will help you out tremendously when faced with a natural disaster. College students are known to procrastinate, so make sure you get your emergency preparedness kit together as soon as possible. If you have any relatives nearby, you are probably better off going to their house since the shelter at your school will likely be flooded with tons of students.

Everyone is vulnerable to natural disasters, those who live near the coast are more likely to experience one since since the ocean can send hurricanes, tsunamis and flooding. Some areas are more prone to earthquakes, and others burn more often. Make sure you are aware of the region’s frequently occurring disasters. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

Have you ever experienced any type of natural disaster? If so, what was it like and what do you wish you had prepared for before it happened?

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