Careers for Left Brain Thinkers

Last week we featured a quiz you could take to establish whether you are a right- or left-brained thinker. For people who are left brain thinkers, working in careers where you can utilize your logic, analytical nature would be ideal, giving you opportunities to flex your muscles. Here is a list of careers to consider if you are a left brain thinker.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Engineering

Using their analytic abilities to come to conclusions, engineering is an excellent choice for left brain thinkers. There is variety within the engineering industry with opportunities as an environmental engineer, civil engineer, software engineer, computer engineer, and mechanical engineer among others.

2. Accounting 

A preference for working alone is often associated with left brain thinkers. Working as an accountant or Certified Public Accountant is often a solitary position that requires attention to detail, a sequential order, and a knack for numbers which left brained people exhibit.

3. Computer Technician 

Left brained people like structure, order, and rules, so working in the IT industry as a computer technician is a great fit. It will give them plenty of opportunities to solve problems through problems through logic and reason.

4. Librarian

Left brain thinkers prefer being indoors, so a career as a librarian would be ideal, allowing you to utilize your organizational skills to catalog and keep order.

5. Career Coach or Guidance Counselor 

People with left brain thinking tendencies have a way with words, communicating, and listening. These skills lend themselves well to career coaching, helping people identify what they want to do with their lives.

6. Lawyer 

The left side of the brain is excellent keeping a handle on facts, details and statistics as well as an ability to distill a lot of information, a necessary skill for lawyers.

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