Tips for Making Yourself Layoff Resistant in a Tough Market Part 2

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Rehirement Coach Rafe Gomez answers questions for people about how to make themselves layoff resistant in a tough job market.

Q:  Once I’ve started generating results as a creator/operator, what should I then do to help make myself layoff-resistant in my company?

A:  The key to converting your achievements as a creator/operator into layoff-resistant job protection is to effectively communicate the details of your successes to key executives throughout your organization.

You’d begin with your immediate superior. (NOTE:  Before you move forward with your idea, you’d want to talk about it with your superior first. You’d introduce the idea, describe how you’d launch and guide it, and explain how the idea would benefit your department and your organization.  When your superior approves the idea, you’d need to confirm the details of your discussion in an e-mail. Be sure to thank him for his support, and let him know that you’ll keep him apprised of all developments as the idea launches.)

When your idea gains momentum and you’re seeing measurable, factual dividends, you’d want to bring this data to your superior as well as other upper-level executives within your communication sphere. Positive, reportable, and verifiable results would include a percentage increase in revenue, orders, prospects and/or savings since the launch of your initiative as well as improvements in the company’s image or presence in the marketplace (supported by citations, facts, and evidence).

Information about your accomplishments shouldn’t be shared in a bragging, obnoxiously triumphant manner:  you should focus on the facts and the key metrics that validate your successes.  The impressive and truthful results will tell your story effectively without the need for puffery, boasting, or embellishment.

Q:  My boss tries to claim credit for everything that everyone does in my department, even if he has no involvement with it.  How can I become a successful creator/operator if I’m never being recognized for my results?

A:  Credit hogging by a superior is frustrating and irritating, but if you’re able to produce valuable results for your organization as a creator/operator, your boss will make certain that you’re spared when it’s layoff time, since it’s in his/her best interest for you to stick around.

Healthy organizations will ultimately acknowledge who’s truly responsible for improvements in revenue, cost savings, and image improvements in the marketplace, so if your superior is smart enough to allow you to introduce and initiate your ideas, focus on the continued delivery of positive results.  At best, you’ll eventually get the credit that you deserve.  At worst, your boss will receive undue credit for your achievements, but your job will be safe.

Tips for Making Yourself Layoff Resistant in a Tough Market Part 1

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