Top Travel Jobs to Get You By

Avid explorers and budding adventurers often need to make time in their fun-filled schedules to do a bit of work. Teenagers on a gap year, student on holiday from uni and people on career breaks regularly find themselves short of cash and need extra money to fund the next leg of their life-changing trip. So, what are the best and most unusual travel jobs out there, which will get you around the world in style?

1. Teach English

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If you fancy travelling to the far corners of the earth while earning money at the same time, why not consider teaching English abroad? From India to China, countries are crying out for well-educated individuals to impart wisdom to enthusiastic and eager-to-learn children. Experience life like never before in the country of your choice and make a living while doing so. Start by getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification before you leave as this will open up a lot of job opportunities while you are away.

2. Become a travel blogger

Do you enjoy writing and dream of documenting your adventures around the world? If so, why not become a travel blogger and earn money on the road. This job often pays terribly and requires a lot of determination, but if you are determined enough you can certainly make things work – check out nomadic matt for inspiration. PlanetEye has been known to pay money for local area experts and if you write current and interesting features, or post unusual videos of you around the world who knows where it might lead you. Take a look at the fabulous clips:

3. Get sponsored to travel

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Dreams can come true if you don’t give up on them! If you have always wanted to travel, there is absolutely no reason why you can not – you simply have to be strong-willed and determined. You don’t have to be making mega bucks or be married to a millionaire; all you need is a whole lot of determination and a unique, inspirational travel plan. Decide where you want to go and perhaps raise money for charity. Publicise you activities and try to get a sponsor before setting on your merry way. It might take years to work out the logistics but it will certainly be worth it.Take a look at Leon McCarron for a truly inspirational story.

4. Work as a travel rep

Working as a travel rep is a great way to have a whole lot of fun and to experience what it is like to live in another country. Head off to sunny Spain or one of the Greek Islands and get paid to explore a foreign land in style. If you are confident, outgoing and up for some fun, becoming a holiday rep is a fantastic way to travel while earning some pennies. Work the summer season in a different country every year and get a taster of where you might want to retreat to in the future. Granted you will have to stay in charge of a large group of people and be responsible during your shifts, but you will also have some free time to go exploring for yourself.

5. KAMP America


If you have always wanted to go to America, but didn’t know how to fund your trip, why not check out KAMP America? Get a job as a member of the summer camp support staff and enjoy 8-9 weeks of fun in the US. Make new friends from all around the world and help create an experience for the kids that they won’t forget. You will earn a competitive salary and will even be able to make use of the camp’s amenities such as canoeing and kayaking in your spare time. Most KAMP America jobs also allow you to travel for six weeks after camp, so you can enjoy a truly magnificent time away.

Don’t let money hold you back from travelling the world! Simply save a few pennies and make extra cash while you enjoy your trip.

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