Erase Your Online History Before February 2nd…

The new Facebook Timeline is going live to the public this week; If you have any posts that don’t put you in the best light, or have any pictures that could be incriminating to you or someone else, you have til February 2nd to permanently delete them. The new Facebook Timeline brings all your past history on Facebook and life into an easy to see and use scrapbook format, which could prove to be negative if you are applying to college or searching for a job. Here are a few things you should delete before your Timeline goes live:


1. Pictures that include drinking, nudity, or unflattering to you or someone else. 

You do not want potential employers or colleges seeing you (or someone that is tagged in your photo) in a negative light. Believe it or not, people look at your Facebook as a representation of who you are, and whatever you portray on your Facebook, be it real or fake, is what people believe to be true. Go through your pictures and ask yourself “What image am I portraying?” and delete anything that you feel could be a negative image.

2. Negative Words

Words are powerful, and especially in a day of age where your words can be seen by everyone. If you have posted a controversial status update, a drunk update, or even an update that is a little too revealing or implies something else; you are going to want to hide those before they are permanently tracked on your Timeline. Make sure not to get to personal or say anything that would put your safety and privacy in jeopardy (i.e. Who wants to do something tonight? Txt me 801-555-5555).


With the new Facebook Timeline, you will have a history of every interaction, post, and picture you have ever posted in an easy to use scrapbook.  Make sure your history is the right portrayal of the image you want to send to colleges, peers, and potential employers.

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