The Ultimate Non-Profit Job Guide: 97 Job Boards That Cover It All

Non Profit JobsNon-profits are an increasingly popular choice among recent graduates trying to put their education to good work. We want to make finding that dream career as easy as possible. Here are the top 97 job boards for non-profit positions. Openings range from entry-level to executive nonprofit management positions. We’ve also selected the 10 best and explained why we love them. Check them out and start applying.

The Top 10

1. Bridgestar

Bridgestar is an initiative of The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit organization that works with philanthropic groups to precipitate social change. The Bridgestar website currently lists 119 positions and allows users to sort by location, function and position types. It also provides tips to improve job seekers’ chances of landing a position.

  • Why We Love It: Bridgestar has a strong job board that is easy to use as well as invaluable resources and advice pertaining to nonprofit work.

2. CharityVillage

With over 3,500 pages of jobs and career resources, CharityVillage is Canada’s premiere site for accessing positions in the nonprofit sector. It is easily navigable and allows the user to filter their search by location and keyword.

  • Why We Love It: CharityVillage’s database is a treasure trove of both job opportunities and career resources for Canada.

3. ExecSearches

ExecSearches, as it name indicates, is a website for non-profit jobs that are specifically oriented towards upper management positions. The site currently hosts over 70,000 members and allows job seekers to filter their options between function, region and industry. With a proprietary search algorithm, the site matches job descriptions with clients’ confidential profiles.

  • Why We Love It: Execsearches is the ideal site for those shooting for senior positions in nonprofit organizations. Its job board is thorough and easy to use.


A subsidiary group of Action Without Borders, a non-profit organization founded in 1995, the stated goal of is to network people, associations and resources to create a better tomorrow. The site includes a list of career opportunities available to the user, including over 4,000 jobs and 16,000 volunteer positions.

  • Why We Love It: is unparalleled in its depth and scope of career opportunities in the nonprofit and volunteer sector.

5. Jobs for Change

This site is not only aesthetically appealing and well organized, but also offers a wide range of services to help users. In addition to the standard job search filters, there are also articles presented in a blogging-like format to help users conceptualize and plan for their future careers. Career advisers for the site provide advice for everything from interview advice to gaining volunteer experience.

  • Why We Love It: Jobs for Change has a very user-friendly website that combines the practicality of finding a job with the idealism of social change.

6. Juju

This website has over 7,000 nonprofit job openings listed from across the nation. Each entry includes a short excerpt from the position and organization summary to provide users with a quick glance to determine whether or not the job would be the right fit. Job seekers can narrow their search by category, location, company or keyword.

  • Why We Love It: In addition to an impressive quantity of nonprofit vacancies listed, the excerpts beneath each one are immensely helpful and informative.

7. Learn4Good

Learn4Good polls from both national and international nonprofit vacancies. With over 78,000 users and around 15,000 jobs, it gets plenty of use. Job seekers can narrow their search by country.

  • Why We Love It: Learn4Good draws thousands of users for good reason: it has extensive listings for positions throughout the world while being easily navigable.

8. NYTimes & Monster: Nonprofit Jobs

NYTimes teamed up with Monster, the largest job board on the Net, to create a comprehensive nonprofit job board. This board boasts more than 1,000 jobs posted each month all over the country. You search by job posting date, career level, years of experience, or education level.

  • Why We Love It: This job board combines the prestige and worldliness of the New York Times with the comprehensive job resources of Monster.

9. Philanthropy News Digest

Philanthropy News Digest lists available full-time job openings at nonprofit organizations across the country. Users can browse jobs by selecting type, function and state. Their database currently has 509 job positions listed.

  • Why We Love It: This site provides the practicality of a good job board with intimate knowledge and resources of the nonprofit sector.

10. simplyhired

The nonprofit section of simplyhired’s job board lists over 9,000 nonprofit opportunities from across the nation. It also has an extensive filtering system if a user wants to narrow down their focus; they can choose from title, company, job title, keywords and location.

  • Why We Love It: SimplyHired’s job board is both easy to use and extensive. The number of opportunities listed is an instant draw.

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11. NonProfitPeople by

NonProfitPeople offers nonprofit jobs, networking, discussion, community, news and more. It is a community for nonprofit professionals and job seekers from

12. Association of Fundraising Professionals

The AFP has 30,000 members in 206 chapters across the globe. Its nonprofit job board boasts over 200 nonprofit positions available nationally. Users can also access career resources via the website to assist in landing a job.

13. BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek’s nonprofit job listing includes over 1,000 vacancies from across the country. Users can enter keywords or locations to narrow down their search. The site has an extensive range of resources, from blogs to finance advice.

14. California Association of Nonprofits

California Association of Nonprofits’ website allows users to create an account and upload their resumes to apply to nonprofit positions around the state. The site also provides career resources pertinent to the nonprofit sector in California.

15.  California Job Journal

California Job Journal’s nonprofit listings have 300 nonprofit vacancies across the state. The site also offers career resources, including advice for resume and cover letters.

16. Care2

Care2 caters to nonprofit, green jobs and socially responsible jobs. The user friendly site provides quick links to a variety of positions in the green job market. Job seekers can also narrow their criteria by keywords, location and job category.

17. CareerJet

CareerJet’s entry for nonprofit yields over 5,800 vacancies from around the country. These vacancies can be sorted by date posted and salary. Users can also upload resumes onto the site.


Careerrookie’s listing for Nonprofit – Social Services Jobs includes vacancies from around the country. Organized by date, each post also has a short excerpt from the job description. Users can also upload resumes and search by keywords and location.

19. Careers-in-Marketing

Careers-in-Marketing offers a nonprofit job site that is straightforward while informative. In addition to an extensive nonprofit jobs listing (simply searching for nonprofit marketing yields over 30,000 postings), the site also suggests resources and other nonprofit job sites.

20. Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Center for Nonprofit Excellence, collaborating with United Way of Central New Mexico, lists nonprofit vacancies from across the state, organized by posting date.

21. CharityChannel

Founded in 1992, CharityChannel claims over 100,000 participants. It is a nonprofit networking organization and its job listing board lists available vacancies in the nonprofit sector around the country. Job seekers can organize their search by country, position, job title or employer.


With over 117,000 subscribers, currently has listed 952 nonprofit vacancies available in the United Kingdom. Job seekers can search for jobs based on category, sector and location. has been the largest job-site for nonprofit work in the UK for the past 9 years.


This is a job site for anyone seeking nonprofit employment in New York City. It lists a number of jobs on the front page and allows users to narrow their search by organization, job category, location and keyword. Job seekers can sign up for membership to receive weekly updates and other resources.

24.’s job search engine yields many vacancies for nonprofit positions. Users can also filter their search by location.

25.’s site is primarily for nonprofit job searching, extra resources aren’t readily available. Users can narrow down their job search through keywords and location.

26. Colorado Nonprofit Association

Colorado Nonprofit Association provides job listings for nonprofits across the state. The website is easy to navigate with listings posted by date on the jobs homepage. Job seekers can also narrow their search by category, region and keyword. Also informs users of upcoming events sponsored by the association to network nonprofit employees and organizations.

27. Commongood Careers

Commongood Careers’ website provides job seekers with available positions from around the country. Users can also sign up to receive free email updates, articles and other career resources. For a $150 fee, users can choose to obtain a 1-on-1 session with a career advisor, either over the phone or in person.

28. NonProfit Jobs

NonProfitJobs is a simple yet straightforward database on which employers can post jobs and network with other organizations. Job applicants can select geographic, organization type as well as keyword variables to get a more focused selection. Also has a search engine that lets employers filter through candidates based on a range of criteria.

29. Cyber-Sierra

This is a site for anyone pursuing a nonprofit career relating to the environment. While it only lists 4 positions, it has a thorough list of other websites offering openings in environmental nonprofits.

30. Deep Sweep

Deep Sweep provides a straightforward website that allows job seekers to post their resumes online for free as well as search for job openings. Users can also ask to be informed of new job openings whenever an organization posts on the site.


DiversityWorking’s nonprofit job search engine lists nonprofit positions available around the country. Users can also upload resumes and narrow their job search by state.

32. DotOrgJobs

DotOrgJobs’ homepage offers upfront a list of featured and recent nonprofit opportunities across the country. Users can also filter their searches by location or categories listed on the side of the page. The site also has resource listings of both free and priced literature pertaining to modern philanthropy and nonprofit work.

33. is a job search website for anyone interested in pursuing an environmentally oriented career. Users can post resumes and search for jobs based on keywords. The site also has a community forum to facilitate user interaction and networking.

34. Environmental Career Opportunities

This is a job board for vacancies in the environmental sector. Users can narrow down their choices by selecting a state. Job seekers can also choose to become members (for a fee) and receive 500 current jobs every two weeks.

35.’s nonprofit site has both national and international job listings. Although the number of openings listed is sparse, the site also lets users create a portfolio and assists with networking.


Goodwilljobs’ nonprofit job board is powered by simplyhired and lists positions nationally from around the country by date posted. Users can also filter their search by keywords and location. Each position has a short excerpt beneath it to give a quick idea about what the job entails.

37. Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Founded in 1972, The Cultural Alliance is dedicated to assisting the growth of arts and culture in the Philadelphia area. The site currently has over 120 job vacancies listed and users can search by job title and keyword.

38. Human Services Career Network

With over 37,000 users, is dedicated to linking employers and employees for social service and nonprofit jobs. Membership is free and job seekers can keep a user profile and upload their resumes.

39. Indeed

Indeed’s motto is “one search. all jobs.” which is about as straightforward as it gets. Searching “nonprofit” yields 10,000 jobs from across the United States. Users can search for vacancies by title, company, location, job type and employer/recruiter.

40. Independent Sector

Independent Sector is a leadership forum to facilitate the advancement of the common good, both nationally and internationally. It has vacancies listed primarily from organizations from the Washington DC metropolitan area.

41.’s nonprofit site for opportunities in the Washington D.C. area includes job listings as well as a variety of career resources ranging from interview advice to networking.

42. JobBank USA

JobBank USA has 53 nonprofit positions from across the country listed on their job board. The site also has cover letter and resume samples as well as writing advice to assist the job seeker.

43. Jobgeni

Jobgeni’s website for nonprofit job openings is essentially a grab bag of vacancies pulled from a range of websites, including jobster and simplyhired. It lists jobs from across the nation and allows users to search by location.

44. Jobijoba

This website is simple and very straightforward. Users have access to over 1,500 nonprofit job positions taken from around the United States with a brief description below each vacancy. Job-seekers can filter their search by location.

45. Jobs in Charities

Jobs in Charities lists positions across the United Kingdom. Users can search by category, location, salary and hours. The vacancies listed on the job board also have short snippets below each listing to provide a quick and useful glance as to what the position entails.

46. Jobs In Nonprofits

Jobs In Nonprofits is an organization oriented towards providing nonprofit job opportunities in the Boston area. Jobs In Nonprofits assists job seekers with resume and cover letters and has a nonprofit career search engine. However, be-warned as the only search criteria is ‘keyword’ so seekers need to know what they are looking for.


A job board that serves North Carolina, this site reaches more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations across the state. It allows users to upload their resumes and search for jobs using keywords, location and category criteria. There are resources posted to assist job seekers, including statewide newspapers and more nationally oriented nonprofit job websites.


This nonprofit portion of JobSearchUSA is pretty straightforward. It lists upfront over 1,000 nonprofit jobs available across the country. Users can also browse positions by state or by industry.

49. JustMeans

JustMeans is a job board for nonprofit, green NGO and CSR positions. Job seekers can narrow down their search by skills, sector, job type, industry or location. The site also offers a variety of editorials relating to corporate and social responsibility.


This site allows users to search for nonprofit positions open in Massachusetts. It also lets users upload resumes and job seekers can narrow their search by location and keyword.

51. Michigan Nonprofit Association

This association caters to nonprofit positions available across Michigan. Although it posts job openings from organizations throughout the state, it is somewhat difficult to navigate as a job seeker and seems more directed to nonprofit groups as oppose to applicants.

52. Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

This council provides nonprofit job listings for the state of Minnesota and is networked to 2,000 member nonprofit organizations. It has met the Charities Review Council accountability standards and allows job seekers to search by location and job type.


Listing nonprofit jobs across the state of Minnesota since 1995, this site allows users to upload resumes and search for available positions by city and category. Users can access valuable resources, including articles, job fair updates and salary surveys.

54. Montana Nonprofit Association

This website provides resources for the nonprofit sector across Montana. While the organization has only ten jobs listed, primarily in Helena, Missoula or Bozeman, it also allows users to upload resumes and keep them confidential, turning down interviews anonymously.

55. National Council of Nonprofits

The National Council of Nonprofits lists 275 nonprofit job openings from around the country. Users can upload resumes and search by keyword, location and job type.

56. Non Profit Jobs

Non Profit Jobs homepage has a list of of non-profit jobs listed by date posted on the site. It posts jobs received from across the nation. Upper management and leadership positions are the predominate job titles. It also allows applicants to filter jobs between Function, Industry and Region and offers resume review through execSearches.

57. Non Profit Jobs on’s non-profit site tracks job applicants’ career searches and matches words on their resume to specific organizations and opportunities. The site also offers career tests to help applicants get an idea about which jobs and fields they should be pursuing. Users can upload resumes and get free resume reviews.

58. Nonprofit Career Network

The Nonprofit Career Network allows job seekers to submit their resumes and then sends them emails every time their resume is under review. Although the jobs listed on the site itself are limited, the site provides useful resources to the user, including a volunteer section and updates about up and coming career events.

59. Nonprofit Connect

Nonprofit Connect links employers to nonprofit job seekers in the Midwest, specifically Kansas and Missouri. It currently lists 170 available positions in those states and receives more than 28,000 site visits per month.

60. Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative

Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative is a national conglomeration of non-profit organizations. The site stresses the importance of its national scope as well as filtering possible jobs geographically. As such, 100% of an advertisement revenue goes to the affiliated region’s local partner.

61. Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group

Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group is pretty much a headhunter firm for the nonprofit sector. This is the ideal website for the job seeker who wants personalized attention in getting that coveted nonprofit position.

62. Nonprofit Resource Center of Alabama

NRCA is a comprehensive database of nonprofit job openings throughout the state of Alabama. It has hundreds of members, including nonprofit organizations, funders and private businesses. Job seekers can either select directly from a listing of jobs on their front page or narrow their search by category, location and status.

63. Nonprofit Technology Network

The Nonprofit Technology Network has a really cool idea: improving the nonprofit sector by focusing on technological integration into organizations. Unfortunately, the job listing is fairly sparse and currently lists only one job.

64. is a fairly straightforward site directed at providing a search engine for job seekers. The site allows applicants to filter jobs between keywords, location, job and mission type and the organization’s size.

65. Not-for-Profit News

This website caters to available nonprofit positions in Indiana and Southwestern Ohio. Users can search for jobs in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The website also has links for consulting services and career resources.

66. is Illinois’ largest nonprofit job board with over 600 listings published each month. The site allows users to narrow jobs based on the type of work (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.), location, or field of interest. The site gets nearly 200,000 visitors each month.

67. OneWorld

OneWorld lists vacancies in organizations around the world dedicated to building a more just and global society. In addition to job vacancies, the website also provides career resources and articles regarding current global issues, from the economy to human rights and the environment.

68. oodle

Oodle has over 1,000 nonprofit jobs listed throughout the country. Each posting has an excerpt from the job description to give job seekers a quick and informative look into what the position entails. Users can narrow their search through a range of criteria including location, job type, work experience and education.

69. Opportunity 501

This job board provides listings for nonprofit opportunities across Texas. Individual membership to association costs 95$ per year and includes a variety of discounts on seminars and workshops as well as a subscription to the monthly newsletter.


Opportunityknocks is a nationally oriented website that caters specifically to non-profit opportunities. It provides a range of filters to assist job-seekers in narrowing down their preferences between geography, field and employment type. Furthermore, the site lets employers search for possible employees and gather information that can improve and support their organization.

71.’s site for job seekers in the nonprofit sector is refreshingly simple in its approach and purpose – allowing PhD caliber users to find career opportunities in the nonprofit sector. It also provides resources pertaining to success in the graduate and postgraduate school world.

72. Philanthropy Careers

Philanthropy Careers caters specifically to job positions for professionals. In addition to a straightforward search engine based on geographic location, the site includes articles and online discussion boards to address trends and issues in today’s nonprofit job market.

73. Philanthropy Journal

The Philanthropy Journal’s nonprofit job search site not only allows applicants to sort jobs by category, field of interest and state, but also provides a comprehensive listing of resources to assist nonprofit workers. In addition, it posts news bulletins to inform users about current events in the nonprofit job market.

74. Philanthropy News Digest

Philanthropy News Digest lists nonprofit jobs available across the country. It currently lists 473 positions and provides career resources including articles and notifications of upcoming events. Job seekers can filter their search by organization type, job function and state.

75. PNNOnline

PNNOnline, a nonprofit news and information source, is primarily a resource archive for the nonprofit sector. Nonetheless, it does have a search engine for nonprofit jobs. Although it has an extensive listing, the lack of searching variables will make it difficult for a job seeker to narrow his or her focus.

76. Professionals for Nonprofits

Founded in 1996, Professionals for Nonprofits works to supply nonprofits with suitable employees. Users can register for free and submit resumes and cover letters. The site has a database of over 30,000 nonprofit job seekers as well as 2,000 clients.


This website allows users to post resumes online and search available nonprofit jobs or volunteer opportunities by keywords, industry focus and location. With a list of other online resources for nonprofit openings and a variety of career and college planning links, QuintCareers offers fast integration into the nonprofit job market.

78. Road Runner

Road Runner’s nonprofit job site lists vacancies from across the country. Job seekers can search by keywords or location.

79. San Diego is a job board for nonprofits in San Diego County. The website is user-friendly with opportunities that are already organized by job category and background, including: grantmaking, management, programs, fundraising, technology and support.

80. Social Actions Job Board

Social Actions Job Board is powered by SimplyHired and lists nonprofit vacancies across the country by their posting date. Job seekers can filter their search by company, location and job type.

81. is a job board for anyone interested in doing social work, from mental health, to outreach and community organizing. Registration is free and members can receive email notifications when a new job is listed. Users can also upload resumes, facilitating job application.

82. SocialWorkJobBank

This website has a job board listing positions in social work organizations. It has over 1,000 vacancies listed by date and job-seekers can narrow their search by keywords, job type and location. Users can also upload resumes and cover letters.

83. Society for Nonprofit Organizations

SNPO has free membership for job seekers. It also offers a newsletter, resource discounts and access to their online archive for a membership fee from $49 to $150 per year.

84. South Carolina Information Highway

Over 6.5 million users visit South Carolina Information Highway’s website. Its nonprofit site lists nonprofit positions available throughout the state by alphabetical order. Users can also search for jobs by location.

85. Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Founded in 1993, TANO works on expanding the nonprofit sector within the state of Texas. It has over 30 nonprofit vacancies listed on its job board throughout the state. It has a variety of career resources for users who can also upload their resumes.

86. The Louisiana Association of Nonprofits

This site lists nonprofit opportunities for the state of Louisiana. The association currently boasts over 1,000 members and provides career services through its offices across the state. Online, users can utilize the career blog and sort their job criteria by location.

87. The Nonprofit Network

The Nonprofit Network lets users search job listings by industry. It also allows users to upload their resumes and networks clients with consultants and organizations. An events listing is provided as well.

88. The NonProfit Times

The NonProfit Times is a business publication for nonprofit management. Users can register to use the site and access its nonprofit job listings. There are also articles and links to career resources pertaining to the nonprofit sector.

89. The Social Work Career Center

This job board, specializing in opportunities in the social work sector, allows users to filter their job search by keywords, categories, job type and location. Job seekers can also upload resumes and utilize the numerous career services linked to the website, including resume and cover letter advice and tips for interviews.

90. The Washington Post

The Washington Post, powered by simplyhired, lists over 1,000 available nonprofit positions from around the country. Job seekers can narrow their search based on job title, company, location and other criteria. Users can also utilize career advice and articles provided by the site.

91. ThirdSectorJobs

ThirdSectorJobs currently has over 400 positions listed for charity jobs, voluntary work and nonprofit charities. Users can search by keyword, upload their resumes and create a job seeker profile. The site also provides career advice.

92. Utah Nonprofits Association

UNA works to strengthen the nonprofit sector across the state. Its job board lists job postings by state and users can narrow their search by career type. Job seekers can also create their own profiles and upload their resumes.

93. WomensJobList

WomensJobList counts over 9,000 companies and organizations that use their site to network. Their nonprofit site lists positions available in your area. Users can post their resumes and have access to a range of career advice articles.

94. Work For a Good Cause .com

This jobsite allows job seekers to post their resumes and filter their selections through keywords, category and location criteria. Although the site currently does not offer more resources besides job searching and posting, it is straightforward and easy to navigate.

95. is dedicated to serving and advancing Canada’s nonprofit sector by connecting employers with job seekers. Users can upload resumes and search for positions by job type and category, organizational sector, and region.

96. Yahoo!hotjobs

Yahoo’s nonprofit job board automatically provides a listing of openings in the users area. It also suggests websites that may help in acquiring that coveted nonprofit position. Job seekers can narrow their choices based on keywords, location and category.

97. Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

YNPN, founded in 1997, is dedicated to networking and assisting nonprofit groups and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. It currently boasts over 10,000 members in over a dozen cities. Job seekers can use the website to search for nonprofit positions by job title, position and organization type and location.

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