6 Roommate Ice-breakers

Your roommate has just introduced herself for the first time. The two of you said hello, politely shook hands, and now the awkward silence has descended upon you. You know what I’m talking about right? That thick impenetrable stillness where even the slightest exhale sounds like a sigh and you’re hands become useless objects that you have no idea what to do with.

You’re just standing there staring at each other on the verge of panic. You don’t know what to say, but you have to say something.

1) Be Confident

Empower yourself to face this situation head on. Nothing you say right now is the wrong thing to say. So just talk. Make a joke about the fact that this is the most awkward moment of your life or ask her a few questions about her move. Just don’t talk for 5 minutes straight; make sure that you get her to talk too.

2) Compliment your Roommate

Choose something, anything will work, and tell her how great it is. If she’s finished unpacking her side of the room complement her on the bedding design. Get her to talk about where she found the decorative throw pillows or why she’s got a Katy Perry poster. If she’s still carrying boxes, choose something that she’s wearing, for instance tell her how great that shade of blue looks on her.

3) Desert Island

Don’t really play the game, just pretend that you are. Ask her a few questions about her favorite things: What TV shows does she watch? Which book would she be unable to live without? What type of music does she listen to? This will help you get to know her, and hopefully find an interest or two that you both share.

4) Talk about School

Even if you don’t share a single favorite song or TV show you both have something in common. After all, you both chose to attend the same university. So talk about why? Ask your roommate why she chose her major, (or if she’s undecided what subjects she’s interested in) and find out if she’s explored the campus at all.

5) Focus on Organizing/Decorating your Room

Just staring at each other isn’t a great idea, so ask for her help. Tell her you need her artistic side to help decorate your half of the room, or ask if she’s interested in bunking your twin beds. If you’re finished unpacking and she’s just getting started offer to help. It might be awkward, but at least you’re doing something.

6) Invite Your Roommate to do Something

Invite her to walk around the residence hall and meet everyone with you, to go out and get lunch, or to join you at one of the many freshman orientations your school is hosting. Doing something together will help you bond and give you something to talk about.

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