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Public Relations

Public Relations

More and more people and organizations are realizing they need the assistance of a communications team to thrive in today’s global and increasingly media-centric society. Major corporations, small business, non-profit organizations, politicians, athletes and entertainers from every walk of life hire public relations specialists to help them build their name or brand, maintain their image and promote their cause and meet objectives. A career in public relations is exciting, challenging, fulfilling, extremely social and team-oriented. People who are creative, outgoing, confident, enthusiastic and who take initiative are perfect for public relations.

As a public relations specialist, communication skills are vital. Studies may involve writing, advertising, journalism, social media, and communications. You will learn to craft messages and disseminate them through both mass media and new media. Public relations specialists create strategy, form relationships and implement specific strategies and tactics to help their client reach their goals whether it be increased sales, mitigating a scandal or simply making the client’s name recognizable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median annual earnings for salaried public relations specialists was $47,350 and the top ten percent earned more than $89,000!

Similar areas of study to Public Relations include writing, advertising, marketing, sales, law, politics, journalism, internet marketing and social media, news reporting and broadcasting.

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