Home Health Nurse Job Description

Home Health Nurse Job Description

Not everyone who desires to be a Nurse is crazy about having to work inside a hospital or clinic. But for these aspiring Nurses there is still a way to map out a good career. All you need to learn are the requirements for the Home Health Nurse job description. These jobs are much more flexible than those of a traditional nurse..

These professionals provide health care for the disabled or the elderly right inside the residence of their patients. And their visits may only be for just a few hours each week or a few hours every day. Part of the Home Health Nurse job description is helping the patient to do their everyday tasks like taking medications, bathing, and grooming. Sometimes they have to help their patients to move from room to room. The Nurses must be able to access the patient’s charts. This means updating their charts with current vital signs. In certain situations the Home Health Nurse assists a patient with exercising their limbs or providing massages. They might replace bandages and also maintain artificial limbs. Many times these things are done by a family member so the Nurse will only need to do it occasionally.

Skill Requirements and Certifications

Good communication skills are essential. Aside from having to build a rapport with the patient, the home health nurse job description also requires you to communicate with family members. You need to be able to explain all situations. And you are the go-between answering to doctors and pharmacists. You are responsible for ensuring the medication dosages are correct. You will also administer medications at the precise time and the proper manner. And documentation must be done for everything that you do.

Before certification as a Nurse you need to earn an Associate’s degree. Many Nurses go on to earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s in order to pursue job positions in Home Health Care. These programs can take from 2 to 4 years unless a student opts for a program that will offer accelerated courses in Nursing. As a student you can expect to take courses in Liberal Arts, Behavioral Sciences, Anatomy, Chemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, and Psychology. It is the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) that grants the certifications. Sometimes it is the ANA (American Nurses Association). There are other certifying bodies as well that you can gain your credentials from. It can be a good idea to gain your certification for earning additional credentials that can increase your job marketability.

How You Can Become Part of the Home Health Nurse Job Description

Most careers require some level of education. Earning a degree is essential. There is a divide growing wider every year in the salaries between those with a degree and those without one. The emphasis on education is due to how technical things have become. Without the proper training you cannot do the job. Luckily today we have a convenient way of earning a degree. Online distance education is helping thousands to earn their degrees and start new careers. You can take online courses right from home and at your own pace. This flexibility has helped thousands who needed a new start after our economy tanked.

We have some fantastic online schools with full accreditation. They can offer you top quality career training for earning your degree. If fitting the Home Health Nurse job description interests you, then all it takes is getting online and finding the right school. Once you enroll you can begin your online courses. All the while you can keep the lifestyle you have right now. This is a great opportunity brought to everyone by the Internet. If you want a new future then enroll today.

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