Long-Term Care Nurse Job Description

Long-Term Care Nurse Job Description

The long-term care nurse job description varies depending on the type of unit they work on. Units in a long-term care facility may include general long-term care, Alzheimer’s unit and sometimes transitional units. Each of these units requires the services of a specialized long-term care nurse. Each unit will have different tasks that must be done for the residents of the facility as well as various complications that may arise. In any unit the long-term care nurse works, the qualifications remain the same. They must have earned the designation of registered nurse, which can be earned through most of the best online colleges using the distance learning option to earn either an Associates of Science in nursing (ASN) or Bachelors of Science in nursing (BSN). While the ASN degree only takes about two years to complete, the four year BSN degree will increase your chances of not only employment, but it will also raise the chances for you to earn one of the top salaries in this career. If you choose to take your career to the next level, you may also want to go back to college to gain additional knowledge in the field of long-term care.

Long-tern care nurse job description

Many nursing homes or long-term care facilities offer transitional units for those who are still too sick to return home, although they are not sick enough to stay in the acute care hospital. These patients include those who are recovering from surgery, such as hip replacements or heart surgery, as well as those who have various illnesses such as pneumonia and those who are recovering after suffering a stroke. Patients in this unit may have conditions that range from extremely mobile and ambulatory with the capabilities of living on their own, just in need of a little extra assistance, or they can be extremely week and need assistance with all parts of living from  eating to going to the bathroom. While the nurse’s aide typically assists the nurse with most of the aspects of daily living, it is the main part of the long-term care nurse job description in this unit to perform care on any incision or wound that may be present from injury or the surgical procedure. In addition, the long-term care nurse job description for the transitional unit also consists of evaluating patients to determine if they are ready to return home, or if long-term care is needed.

Long-Term Care Units

The typical long-term care nurse job description involves the generalized long-term care units. Here, the resident’s conditions range from completely ambulatory to bed ridden and they generally have no chance at returning home due to the fact that they require supervision or care around the clock. The long-term care nurse job description in this type of unit generally involve handing out medications as prescribed by the doctor, performing rounds where each patient is checked on to ensure their safety and talking with the nurse’s aides to discuss any change in the condition of a resident. In addition, the long-term care nurse job in this unit may also require providing IV fluids or notifying the doctor if there is a significant change in a resident.

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