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Interesting Facts about Forensic Psychology

Interesting Facts about Forensic Psychology

Looking for interesting facts about forensic psychology? If so, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of misconceptions about forensic psychology that turn some people away from the profession. By knowing the facts about this career, you can make a better decision about whether or not it’s a field you want to be involved with. Here are a few interesting facts about forensic psychology you can keep in mind as you explore your options for the future.

Forensic Psychology Is Not Forensic Psychiatry

Many people get forensic psychology confused with forensic psychiatry. While these careers may have a lot of similarities, they focus on very different areas of the human mind. Forensic psychologists spend their days assessing the mental status of the patients they come across, but forensic psychiatrists assess the mental disorders the patients have. This is the difference between determining a witness is unfit to speak in court and determining a defendant suffers from clinical insanity. Both areas require extensive training, but the materials discussed in that training are completely different.

Forensic Psychology Is Not Forensic Science

Another misconception that some people have is that forensic psychology is the same as forensic science. Forensic psychology is purely concerned with the mental aspect of the criminal justice system. It does not involve any part of evidence collection or other duties that a forensic scientist may have. Forensic psychologists may work alongside forensic scientists at times, but they do not handle the same work. They simply deal with similar cases, so they cross paths a lot in their professions. If you want to be a crime scene investigator of any kind, you won’t want to be a forensic psychologist.

Forensic Psychologists Make a Lot of Money

Forensic psychologists have the potential to make a lot of money every year, depending on their experience. Some resources say that these professionals only make $30,000 to $40,000 a year, but that only represents a starting pay. You could make double or triple that money after you have been in the industry for a while. Some forensic psychologists in Washington, D.S. make more than $200,000 a year, so there is certainly room to grow financially if you decide to pursue this career in the future.


The interesting facts about forensic psychology above should have given you a good idea of what this career is really all about. Now you can make a decision about this position without having to weed through the misconceptions. If you enjoy learning about psychology and criminal justice, this is probably a great career for you. Check out the degree programs available for you if you want to learn about this career in more detail.

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