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Computer Network Administrator

Computer Network Administrator

Companies have to embrace technology to succeed these days. With the amount of data required for a business to stay afloat, companies need to be able to share that information across all of their computers. They do this through networking. This allows each computer to communicate with each other computer, as well as access central databases to obtain data. To ensure this is always working as well as possible, companies need to employ a computer network administrator, or teams of administrators.

Computer network administrator work is best defined as a highly technical proactive career. You will spend much of your time fixing issues with a companies network, but your goal is to try to prevent those issues from ever happening. By monitoring and supervising the network, you will ensure that information is able to be shared between all of the people trying to access the companies information.

Computer Network Administrator

You will need to earn an associates degree at a minimum, but a bachelor’s or master’s degree will give you better chances and higher income. One path you may wish to take would be earning an associate’s degree, starting at as an entry level computer network administrator and then completing your education while you work. Many companies will help cover the costs associated with your education while you work with them, and this will allow you to gain experience while you earn your degree.

You can expect to earn between $45,000 to $60,000 a year to start, with earning potentials reaching above $80,000 with experience. Of course, this all varies based on your experience, level of education and position. Spend some time researching specialties that may be popular in this field as you start your education. They can change frequently, and by having the most needed specialization upon graduation, you give yourself an important edge as you start to enter the job market.

Going to College

Earning your degree will require a significant investment of time. Time can’t be borrowed and you can’t get a grant to help with this investment. Instead, you need to find a way to balance the requirements of your personal, family and work life, alongside the needs of your education. Many students have accomplished this by earning their degree through an online degree program.

Online colleges give significant advantages in the time investment needs of a college education. Rarely, if ever, will you be required to attend a scheduled online class. Instead your instructor will provide you with a schedule that will list due dates for homework, tests, quizzes and textbook reading. This allows you to schedule your education each day, as opposed to scheduling traditional classroom study at the start of a semester.

Students that tend to study harder or faster will benefit even more from online classes. You won’t need to sit through an hour or more of classroom lecture, instead you will study it through short lecture notes or videos as well as textbook study. This allows you to complete your coursework much faster than you could in a traditional classroom study. If you want to become a computer network administrator, enroll in classes today. Further questions should be asked when you speak with the administrations department at the college of your choosing.

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