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Pediatric Nurse Job Description

Pediatric Nurse Job DescriptionPediatric nursing is one of the fastest growing fields in nursing, and is expected to continue to grow rapidly through 2018 and beyond. This projected growth is a result of the under-supply of current nurses focused on pediatric nursing as a chosen career path. Before you decide that you would like to become a pediatric nurse, it is important to understand some of the areas that are connected with this field, as well as what the Pediatric nurse job description entails. For example, you may know that a pediatric nurse cares for infants, children, and adolescents, but you may not be aware that in order to become a practicing pediatric nurse you are required to first receive multiple years of academic schooling as well as gain real-life nursing experience, typically in an hospital setting. These requirements may begin to sound daunting, but they are all part of the job description that will result in higher pay and greater job satisfaction down the road.

Available Work

The care of children and infants is one of the most respected areas of care in the medical field. There is a great amount of trust and admiration given to those who devote their lives to serving the youth. With such great trust, comes equally great responsibility. Pediatric nurses are needed in many different environments. The pediatric nurse job description includes fields of work at a variety of locations including schools, pediatrician offices, hospitals, and in some cases home visits. Although it may be surprising to some, some nurses specialize further with an emphasis in pediatric psychological care in addition to meeting the physical medical needs of children. Often times, parents and children need psychological counsel. This need leads some pediatric nurses to focus on this area of expertise. Most commonly however, a pediatric nurse can expect to be responsible for administering medicine, performing full body exams of children, and giving vaccinations. The pediatric nurse job description also varies based on the amount of schooling and level of specialization. Three common levels, or fields of pediatric nurses are Practical Nurse, RN, and MSN.

Route to Success

For you to become a certified pediatric nurse, you need to understand the pediatric nurse job description. The most important thing you need to do is to get your education and get in-field experience. There are a few different educational pathways that you can go through that will end in you becoming a certified pediatric nurse. The first option is finding 12-24 month nursing diploma that partners with area hospitals. You will be qualified to become a Practical Nurse after you take the proper exams.  Another way to become a certified pediatric nurse is by getting your associates or bachelor’s of science in nursing from an accredited university. You will be able to take the tests necessary to become a Registered Nurse. All of these pathways will ensure that you become a fully qualified Registered Nurse (RN) with more responsibility and higher pay.

Another route that you can choose is a more rigorous alternative which is getting your MSN( Master’s of Science in Nursing). The Master’s will allow a graduate to take the certification exam, pass, and then apply for the state board authority to practice with a nurse practitioner scope of practice. Depending on the specific state board policies, a pediatric nurse practitioner can practice independently.  If you want to become an advanced practice nurse, you will need to be certified before you start practicing.

Begin Now

Because of the demands of a nursing education, those who are most successful often decide what it is that interests them, and then begin to pursue that course as soon as possible. The field of nursing, specifically for pediatric nurses, is growing and nurses are in short supply. The pediatric nurse job description is not too overwhelming, and the likelihood is that you will be able to succeed and qualify for whichever career path you decide to pursue if you devote time and energy towards completing the tasks. There are many universities that offer courses and degrees in nursing, and many are even beginning to offer some online courses.

Although not all classes can be completed online, you can at least get your toes wet and test out the waters to see if pediatric nursing is suitable for you. If you want to be an RN, you need to be licensed by the state board. If you want to be certified at the RN level, you need to have on the job experience. Remember, there is great respect and admiration to those who dedicate their lives to helping children and infants who are in need. The knowledge you gain from attaining a degree and certification in nursing will allow you to reach out to those children and help relieve them from illness, injury, and pain. As you begin down the path to become a pediatric nurse, keep your vision open.

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