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How Much Do Special Education Teachers Make?

How Much Do Special Education Teachers Make?

Are you thinking of starting a new career? What exactly are you looking for in a dream job? Are you in it more for financial gain, fame, respect, or personal satisfaction? Maybe you have considered a job in special education but you have been wondering how much do special education teachers make? Truthfully, this is not one of the highest-paying careers in the world, especially considering the fact that it can be highly stressful and constantly challenging. This job does, however, provide you with deep intrinsic rewards that provide you with so much more than money. When you go back to college to get your career training as a special education teacher, you are entering a job that will allow you to gain respect in the community and to make a relevant difference in the lives of children who truly need you.

How much do special education teachers make?

So, how much do special education teachers make? The actual salary amount varies greatly from one district to another and can vary even further based on experience and the level of education. On average, however, special education teachers make between $30,000 and $40,000 a year, starting, and can double that over the course of 20 years or so. In addition, special education teachers typically enjoy excellent benefits including medical, vision, and dental insurance, a great pension plan, sick leave, and paid holidays.

Although the pay may not seem like much when you consider the required education and the high level of stress and responsibility that comes with the job, it is very lucrative for someone who has a true passion for teaching and helping the children with the greatest need. In short, few people will choose this profession based simply on how much do special education teachers make. Instead, it must be a choice based on interest rather than financial gain.

What are the other reasons to become a special education teacher?

People who choose to work in special education enjoy many benefits that are more valuable than money. They get to help provide students with the help they need to live with, or even overcome, a wide range of impairments, disabilities, or emotional problems. Aside from teaching the regular curriculum, special education teachers help students develop fine motor skills, life skills, coping techniques, and much more. In addition, they help mentor and guide regular classroom teachers in implementing modifications to teaching and assessments when the students are included in a regular classroom setting. In schools across the country, special education teachers serve as some of the most important figures in the lives of their students, the parents, and other teachers.

Once many people find out how much do special education teachers make, they turn away from this great career. This is causing a shortage that is about to hit critical levels. If you love children, have a passion for education, and think you have what it takes to work in one of the most challenging and rewarding careers in the world, this is the job for you. The salary, though not the highest of all professions, is enough to provide a comfortable living for you and your family and the benefits are fantastic.

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