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Forensic Investigator

Forensic Investigator

Forensic investigator careers have become some of the most popular career choices over the last few years, thanks in no small part to the countless crime scene investigation dramas on prime-time television. Chances are, if you have turned your television on in the last few years, you ran into one of these shows. It should be obvious from the shows that this career is in law enforcement and science and because of that, you should have a strong stomach if you wish to enter this field. Forensic investigator work entails careful examination of crime scenes to determine the cause of the crime, the person or persons that committed it, and the obtaining of evidence to prove their guilt, or innocence in just as many cases.

As a forensic investigator you will need to be educated in the sciences, specializing in a field you wish to enter once you graduate. At a minimum you will need a bachelor’s degree in forensic science or a similar science such as chemistry or physics. Taking some form of criminal justice courses, possibly as a minor, will give you an advantage in the field once you start your interviews.

As a forensic investigator you can expect to make a near six-figure income based on experience, specialization and tenure. Must of your job will be spent between crime scenes and laboratories, evaluating the evidence you find. You will also spend time, possibly, along side police officers or in court as a witness, expert or otherwise.

As with most law enforcement careers, you can expect this one to keep a decent amount of demand, even in a poor economy. Regardless of budget cuts and difficulties with finances in states and counties, no one can afford to allow criminals to continue committing acts of violence. You may work some forty-hour weeks, but expect some long weeks based on work.

Going to College Online

As mentioned, you need to obtain, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree. You may already have a full plate in your life and can’t see how to fit an education onto it. This is why online degree programs have become so popular. Most schools offer some form of education that can be completed online without ever needing to step foot onto a campus.

Online degrees are just as respected by employers as traditional degrees, as the classes are more or less the same. You may even have a leg up with an online degree, showing that you are able to work on your own and be successful. Online courses work through an interface that you log into for your classes. You will have everything organized for you, including grades, upcoming assignments, and current study materials. Most of your studying will be done through textbook reading or lecture notes provided by your instructor in audio, video or text formats.

Most online classes also give you access to a message board where you can discuss current studies with other students in your class. Since online classrooms are generally more populated than a traditional class, this also gives the advantage of a larger pool of opinions. For all these reasons, and many more, online degree programs have become a respected, recognized and wildly popular way for students to go back to school. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, all that is left is finding the right school for you. This will put you ahead of the competition in your quest to becoming a forensic investigator.

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