How to Become an Art Teacher

How to Become an Art Teacher

If you are interested in how to become an art teacher there are several items that you will need. In order to be an art teacher you will need to make sure that you have basic artistic ability and a love of teaching others. Many students love the art classes that they have taken and have developed their love of art from a passionate teacher.

How to become an art teacher: schooling

Learning how to become an art teacher will require you to do some research. You will need to find out which school you are interested in attending. To be an art teacher you will need to start by getting your bachelors degree. Many students will concentrate in a field that is specific to art, such as history, graphic arts or painting. The classes may differ depending on the topic you choose but generally, they will teach concepts such as color theory, design and painting.

You will also need to complete a teacher education program. The requirements for becoming a teacher will vary depending on the state in which you plan to teach but most states only license those that complete a formal education program. States will also require you to pass tests that will ensure that you have the basic skills necessary to teach. Whether you choose to go back to college at a traditional schools or an online university is your choice. Part of your education should also include experience as a teacher. Going to an online school will allow you to gain this work experience while completing your online degree. Getting a degree is a very important step in the process of how to become an art teacher.

What is the employment outlook for art teachers?

If you are looking at the requirements of how to become an art teacher, you will also want to look at the job prospectives after you have completed. Getting to know the market for a career should be done long before you go back to college. Many degrees are not as profitable or stable as they once were. Many graduates of art education programs teach in public or private schools working to bring the study of art to student from preschool through college. From 2008 to 2018, it is expected that the need for art teachers will growth at a rate of 13%. The growth rate for other teachers in post secondary education for the same period is 15%. The salary range for teacher in post secondary education is $51,550-$70,850 according to the Bureau of Labor Statics. This range is dependent on many factors including location and employer.

When you are thinking about how to become an art teacher, make sure that you consider all of the factors listed above and in addition go talk to those that work in the field currently. Many schools will let you volunteer which can help you in determining if the daily life of an art teacher is one that you want to consider. Before you invest the time and money to go back to college or look at getting an online degree, make sure that the real world experience matches you. Once you choose, sign up for online classes and start making a difference today.

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