Online English Degree

Online English Degree

Do you really want to earn an online English degree but are hesitant because of the warnings of friends and family? What can you do with a degree in English, after all? Isn’t that kind of a useless degree? Not at all. In reality, earning a degree in English opens a very large number of job opportunities to you. English studies are the backbone of any communication-related field. By earning your online english degree, you are qualified to work in almost every industry and in a staggering number of positions. If you have been thinking of going back to college to get your career training in English, go for it. The world awaits you.

Careers for those with an online English degree

Of course, the fields of writing and editing are always open to those with an online English degree. You can work for a number of publications including magazines and newspapers. Alternatively, you can work as an editor in a publishing house, though this may require moving to New York City or another location. You may also choose to work in public relations or advertising, writing copy for press releases, newsletters, or other publications. You may also find that many nonprofits have a high demand for English majors to inform the public about their operations and upcoming events. You can also combine your online English degree with an education degree and work as an English teacher in high school or college. You may even be able to work for one of the top online universities, conducting classes from home for those who are interested in distance education.

Improving your chances

It is a great idea to narrow down your interests to a career field you are truly interested in while you are working on your degree. Start looking for internships or other training opportunities that will give you an edge over your competition when it comes time to finding a job. Internships are available in many fields including journalism, publishing, advertising, business, and more. These great opportunities will not only enhance your professional resume but will also give you valuable real world experience in your chosen profession. If you intend to go into writing, spend your time in college working on original works to add to your professional portfolio. Try to get your better work published, even if it is without compensation. Being a published writer before you graduate will greatly enhance your attractiveness to potential employers later on. Just make sure to keep a copy of every publication you are featured in as part of your professional portfolio.

Earning your online English degree will prepare you to take your place in a wide range of professions. By keeping your grades up, completing internships, taking specialized courses, building your resume, and getting published, you can get a jumpstart on many of these careers before you even complete your degree program. This is a great career that you can get started on, sign up for classes today and change your life.

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