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Preschool Teacher Job Description

Preschool Teacher Job Description

A preschool teacher job description usually incorporates a long list of duties, responsibilities and obligations. This occupation represents the education portal through which each child will form his or her initial attitude toward not only teachers and school but also basic learning concepts, self-esteem and social skills needed in life. Each entry on a preschool teacher job description builds upon that premise.

Common Duties

Many a preschool teacher job description includes a specific duties list which often includes such entries as

Additional Tasks and Responsibilities

Every comprehensive preschool teacher job description includes not only the phrase, ‘additional duties as assigned,’ but also additional, delineated tasks and responsibilities that often reflect character traits found in successful preschool teachers.

Compassion is reflected in safe comforting of children who are upset or angry. Love of children can be woven throughout the fabric of the teacher; children can sense who likes them and who doesn’t. Your ability to reach out and touch their lives is reflected in your effect teaching of required subject matter and in your adaptability—and in your ability to constructively manage stress.

While some states do not require special teaching licenses for preschool teachers or even a college education, many employers are recognizing the importance of an applicable education and are increasingly requiring at least an online degree and certification in early childhood education.

One of the most comprehensive education paths for this field is through a top online university program in education with a focus on early childhood development. These online college courses provide expertise in teaching methodologies focused specifically on this young age group. The student teaching requirement in this four-year degree program can give invaluable experience and insight into the real world of teaching the nation’s very young.

Consider the duties, responsibilities and education requirements inherent in and sometimes required to fulfill the entries on a preschool teacher job description.

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