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Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is a field that is involved with the designing of aircraft. It deals with the physical forces impacting the aircraft and ways to manage it. It is an offshoot of aerospace engineering and is commonly interchanged with that term.

The heart and soul of Aeronautical Engineering is ‘Aerodynamics’. This is a study of the relation between solid materials and air. An Aeronautical Engineer has a main focus on the wings of the aircraft, sometimes referred to as ‘airfoils’. The definition of an airfoil is anything that by nature of its shape produces lift when it moves through air and causes a counteraction to gravity. The term ‘aircraft’ is not only meant for airplanes, but for missiles and helicopters as well. If it flies it is an aircraft. And Aeronautical Engineering is a study of the science and technology behind the designing, manufacturing, and operation of these flying machines.

This means that whenever you change the shape of any airfoil you will get different results when it moves through the air. So by changing the design of a wing (airfoil) you can affect the overall control of the aircraft. An Aeronautical Engineer will usually specialize in one specific area. Most of them go on to earn their masters or even doctorate degrees within their field of specialization. Their work is highly technical and complex.

Benefits and Future of Aeronautical Engineering

The importance of the Aeronautical Engineer today cannot be overstated. Aircraft have totally revolutionized our present world. They have helped to shrink our broad planet down to a global village. There are a lot of available jobs within this field with companies always on the lookout for excellent Aeronautical Engineers. The salary for an Aeronautical Engineer who specializes in a specific area is quite high when compared to other types of engineers.

This is a very challenging and rewarding career choice for those who are good problem solvers and have a fascination for flying and aerodynamics. There are great government opportunities and a vast array of research opportunities available.
The future of Aeronautical Engineering is indeed very bright. The possibilities and room for advancement are excellent. World travel has really boomed over the last few decades along with defense and government agencies. You can be involved in developing our future flying systems.

How You Can Pursue Your Own Career as an Aeronautical Engineer

To earn your degree in Aeronautical Engineering you need to have an analytical mind and a talent for technical thinking. Mathematics will play a huge role in your education. There are a few institutions that offer a bachelors degree and hardly any offering an associates in this field. The masters ought to be the main focus for entering this highly technical career field.

Today online distance education is the preferred method of earning a degree and starting a new career. You can earn your degree at home while maintaining your current lifestyle. Once you earn your first degree, you can continue with your online courses to get the career training necessary for advancement. It takes education and experience to advance within this career. The excellent accredited online colleges and universities today have online courses complete with video instruction and excellent staff. Now that you understand the field of aeronautical engineering, you are ready to head to school and start your online degree today!

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