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Mechanical Engineering Salary

Mechanical Engineering Salary

Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? Sick of living paycheck to paycheck without every having any money for the things you really want? Why not consider getting your career training to become a mechanical engineer? You can go back to college and start working as a mechanical engineer within the next few years. In fact, many online schools will allow you to become a mechanical engineer by taking classes from your home. A mechanical engineering salary can provide you with the lifestyle you have always wanted: money to pay the bills each month with plenty left over to buy the things you desire, to take nice vacations, and to set aside for the future. Mechanical engineering is one of the best careers you can get into if you enjoy seeing how things work, fixing things, or designing new things. There is a huge range of jobs available to mechanical engineers and the salary can vary wildly depending on the company you work for, the type of work you do, and the amount of experience you have.

About a mechanical engineering salary

There are a number of factors that affect the salary you can earn as a mechanical engineer. First is the degree you hold. The average salary for those holding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is $44,000 to $83,000 per year while those with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering earn an average $67,000 to $95,000 per year.

There are factors that cause such a variation in a mechanical engineering salary at each degree level. Whether you are a new graduate at entry level or fully licensed will make a difference, as will your level of experience and your work performance level. The type of position you hold also affects your mechanical engineering salary. Most positions start in the mid to upper $40,000s and top out at around $80,000. Those in consulting tend to be among the lowest while mechanical engineers working in the fields of aerospace and defense or energy and utilities tend to earn at the higher end of the range.

Other things to consider

When searching for a position as a mechanical engineer, look for high-profile companies that offer excellent benefits as well as bonuses and profit sharing opportunities. Almost all companies of this type provide an average salary that tops out at around $100,000 per year total. Some, particularly in the petroleum industry, offer salaries well above the $200,000 per year level. British Petroleum has a top salary for mechanical engineers that can reach $240,000 per year. Another company, Schlumberger, which specializes in oilfield equipment and technology, pays a top mechanical engineering salary of $290,000 per year. Could you use that kind of money? Most of us could.

If you are tired of dealing with money stress and watching your life’s dreams pass you by, why not go back to school and get your degree in mechanical engineering? Earning the salary that comes with this career can make all of your life’s dreams come true and can help you prepare for a successful retirement.

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