Radiation Therapy Schools

Radiation Therapy Schools

Radiation therapy, or radiation oncology, is the medical use of radiation for treatment of malignant tumors in cancer patients that can also be used in conjunction with other treatments. Radiation therapy schools offer students a bachelor’s, associate degree, or form of certification in order to work in the field. Students study radiological imaging, and typically complete a program in radiation therapy that spans one to two years. Studies at these schools meet individual state requirements for licensure and allow the students to work mostly in hospitals, but also physicians’ offices, labs, and care centers. Other than daily treatment, individuals may also pursue administration or education in the area, stretching the possibilities of the career choice even further!

A Promising and Rewarding Career

Pursuing a career in radiation therapy is a rewarding experience, in terms of job outlook and a definite satisfaction in treating cancerous patients. Radiation therapists have a challenging job on their hands – one that may require the employee to be on call, lift heavy objects, and spend a considerable amount of time on their feet. The therapist typically works a forty-hour full time schedule, but is expected to go above and beyond. Given the challenges, the job is extremely satisfying knowing that you are helping in a hospital setting, and is a rich and rewarding experience. The job market for radiation therapy is promising! The demand for these skilled professionals who graduate from radiation therapy schools is high, and the field will grow with the increasing senior population. With appropriate licensing or degrees, the job market is only open to those who are qualified, providing peace of mind to those who have the education experience. Radiation therapists enjoy high competitive salaries ranging from the lowest at $50,000 to $100,000 on the high end, with most in the middle. Many employers will also assist with the costs of continuing education for these workers! This is highly beneficial for those who pursue the field and wish to move forward with it, especially since radiation technology is constantly changing and improving, always searching for better means of treatment. Pursuing an education in this field through radiation therapy schools means that the student will learn in an environment hands-on, with the highest level of available modern technology, and in a department specifically for the degree. The training is integrated within the actual environment and facilitated to those needs, not lost among other education paths and courses like a typical college setting. Those enrolling in radiation therapy schools have the same Financial Aid and scholarship opportunities as any other school, and have the added bonus of low tuition fees with a high payout once completed.

Help Change Lives With Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy schools offer students an opportunity to prosper in terms of character, income, and education when pursuing a career that will challenge them but provide even further opportunities. These schools keep current with the ever-changing environment of cancer treatment and continue opening doors for their students in the vital field that is radiation therapy. With the growing awareness of cancer in today’s world, anyone would a great sense of pride in going down this exciting career path.

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