Nail Technician Courses

Nail Technician Courses

Nail technician courses are not created equally: Ensure the course contains more than ‘just enough’ for your certification and that your license is the right type and in the right jurisdiction.

Grooming fingernails and toenails in the comfort of a living room or bathroom may be okay between friends, but professionals—those who receive payment for use of their skills—must be licensed. To gain accreditation, you must complete an approved training course.

Fortunately, you can either attend a traditional school or enroll in online courses that provide quality education and career training. However, for licensing purposes, enroll in a certificate, diploma or even a degree program where you want to work or that includes licensing for the work environment you desire.

If you live in California, for example, and find a great online college in which you can enroll in Texas, your license will not be for the state of California. If you wish work in Texas, your license there is great. Unfortunately, you would probably have to take more nail technician courses for the state of California if you wish to work where you live.

Also, if you have any aspirations or the vaguest plan to work on a cruise ship, for instance, make sure you look into nail technician courses that grant licensing to work on the water and not just on land.

Nail Technician Courses

To earn your certification and licensing, the first step is to enroll in an accredited school that offers traditional or online education in your chosen specialty. Very few reliable courses on nails-only are licensed; you might find a few, but consider the license jurisdiction issue before you join.

Many ‘nail tech’ courses are included in cosmetology training courses, and these vocational specialists often won’t allow a cut-out certification: Even if you are already a licensed cosmetologist, you’d have to take their entire course for nail technician certification.

With the advent of the Internet, however, accredited online or correspondence courses are easily found; most states have a legitimate school online for valid and high-quality distance education opportunities.

Nail Artist

Engage your creativity and expand your skills. Become a nail artist for your customers with exotic tastes. Nail artists are technicians who consider the nail area as miniature canvasses, and they can create amazing works of art on these tiny surfaces. The demand for this sub-specialty is growing by leaps and bounds. Any technician can give a decent manicure, but only an artist can create a nail masterpiece.

Materials commonly used includes nail polish, of course, but also varnish, gel or acrylic nails—basics of nail art—and other materials. Expand your income horizon by offering this expanded and highly desirable skill.

If you are already a technician and wish to brush up on your skills or take continuing education credits to maintain your license, short courses are also available. For those people wishing to enter the field, nail technician courses that encompass not just the specialty but also the location and type of employment you want are readily available.

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