How to Decide on a Career

How to Decide on a Career

Every one of us eventually has to decide on a career. It is a basic human need that we have to find some kind of gainful employment that will sustain us and our families in life. It’s both a blessing and a curse that we have so many options available to choose from. Only fifty years ago, career options were much more limited than they are now. They were just starting to get into the pre-technology age, whereas today it is in full swing. More than in any other time in the world’s history, we can pick and choose what top careers and jobs we will pursue. The path to deciding on the right career for you isn’t easy, but once you’ve made a decision, it’s up to you to make it a success.

Deciding on a Career – One Step at a Time

The first thing to know about how to decide on a career is that it’s best to choose something you are interested and/or talented in. Make a list of all your talents, even if you have a talent in something that you don’t particularly enjoy. Are you good at music? Sports? Reading? Problem solving?  Now, make a list of all the things you really enjoy doing, even if you aren’t particularly talented in it—writing, working with children, video games, exercising, etc. Once you have compiled your list, look it over and analyze if there is anything from either list that could be turned into a career that you would be willing to dedicate your life to. Once you have the general areas you may be interested in, research what careers can evolve from that interest or talent.

Second, consider what other responsibilities you have. One day you might have a family, or maybe you really want to live in another area of the country or perhaps outside of it. These other responsibilities or ambitions can affect the career you choose. Look for careers with good job stability and benefits if you hope to have a family. Either way, make sure that you will earn enough money to support whatever lifestyle you wish to live.

The Importance of Choosing the Right School

Once you’ve taken the previous two things into consideration, you’re ready to take a practical step in how to decide on a career. The choice of the right college to get your degree in the chosen field is very important to your future success.  Every school is different, as well as every department in every school Some colleges and universities are known for their science or math programs, or maybe for an art program. A little research will tell you which are the top schools for your area of interest. There are also schools that specialize in offering degrees online, which may be a great option depending on your circumstances and the degree you are seeking.

Money is the final point to analyze in how to decide on a career. Will you need to work while you go to school? What scholarships, grants and loans are you eligible for? These considerations will also play a serious role in your choice of school. Community colleges and in-state schools are usually cheaper than out-of-state ones, unless you have some form of financial aid to help.  If you’re working while in school, you will also want to think about going to a school that offers night or Internet courses.

The process of how to decide on a career can be easy or hard. The way to make it easier is to truthfully acknowledge your strengths and weakness, and then based off this information make a decision about your future career. Once the decision is make, just go with it. Work hard and support your decision. This will bring you a great feeling of satisfaction.

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