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Criminal Justice Jobs

Criminal Justice Jobs
Criminal justice jobs are widespread and there are a lot of great opportunities out there for a dedicated student and career-minded person. A person working in the criminal justice field could be anything from a paralegal, probation officer, corrections, and investigation or police officer. The field can be quite interesting and the criminal justice professional should find their jobs in criminal justice field neither boring nor routine. The field is very diverse and expects high growth in the future. Degree holders in psychology, criminal justice, law, sociology, among many other related degrees should be able to easily secure employment in criminal justice. Where you end up in your career has a lot to do with location, number of employers in the area, your education and work experience. If you have a passion for justice, the rule of law and making sure that everyone has rights; then criminal justice might be an option to consider for a future career.

Depending on your academic and career goals, you might be interested in getting a degree that could help you find jobs in criminal justice. Everyone’s academic progress is different and sometimes people even return to school or change majors. If you have a degree, you might look for ways to leverage your education towards a career in criminal justice, even if the degree is in another subject. Update your resume and cover letters if you are currently looking for jobs in criminal justice field.

If you are a returning student, transferring, or are looking for ways to conveniently earn college credits, you might look into online courses. Getting an online education is becoming more accessible and popular due to great improvements in information technology. Even traditional college students are taking online classes because of their flexible scheduling.  You can often do some assignments at your own pace, but online exams can have specific due dates. Make sure your online college is accredited and that any important credits can transfer to another institution.

Top Criminal Justice Jobs

Criminal justice is a broad field for a lot of reasons, and one of the top reasons is the fact that you can work in this field in a lot of different capacities. If you are great researcher and writer, you might be interested in paralegal careers, which involves working closely with attorneys. If you like remaining in the best physical condition and enjoy physical work then you might think about corrections or working as a police officer. If you enjoy science and are a meticulous worker, you may enter the field of forensics, perhaps starting out as a crime scene technician collecting samples of evidence from a crime scene for laboratory analysis.

These are just some of the possibilities that are available in criminal justice. A lot of jobs in criminal justice field are expected to grow in demand of highly qualified and educated criminal justice experts according to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Investing time and energy into training and education should help someone advance far in criminal justice, and in any field. There are many criminal justice jobs waiting for you, so get started today!

Outlook for Criminal Justice Jobs

Criminal justice jobs account for approximately 50% of all federal jobs as well as some independent jobs such as private investigator and freelance investigator or forensics team. While criminal justice jobs are widely varied and can cover everything from science, law to physical competence, the job outlook is generally the same. Large growth is expected in nearly every field along with salary raise and current jobs opening as people currently working in the criminal justice field leave their jobs.

Criminal Justice Jobs: Law Enforcement

Earning a degree in criminal justice can either include earning a law degree, earning a criminal justice degree which will allow you to work as a police officer, probation officer, private investigator and more, a law degree which will allow you to become a lawyer, a judge or etc. Systems and technology degrees which will allow you to work as a computer forensics or data analyses expert, forensics degree, biology or science degree and many more.

Depending upon the criminal justice job you would like to work for, it is possible to earn many different degrees and still qualify for the job. For example a computer forensics analyst can earn either a degree in computer forensics, a degree in computer systems information or simply earn a variety of certifications for digital data, networking and etc.

No matter what criminal justice jobs you study for, always make sure that your school is accredited and that the credits are transferable. This will allow you to use your degree to earn a job and will allow you to transfer your study to another school should the need arise.

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