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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Regionally accredited online colleges are often confused with nationally accredited online colleges. A regionally accredited school is different from a nationally accredited school, which are both different from specialized accreditation.

The Differences

Regionally accredited online colleges are typically the most popular of the accreditation alternatives, though the accreditation is not for everyone. For this reason, nationally accredited online colleges exist. A national accreditation signifies the type of college you can expect. Most nationally accredited online schools are for people who seek a specific type of career path. A vast majority of nationally accredited schools are either trade or vocational colleges. Theses schools prepare students for skill-based careers, such as engine repair or massage therapy.

Another possibility is to attend a faith-based nationally accredited college. These online schools prepare seminary students or students who want to learn how to manage their faith in the secular world. The national accreditation process is greatly different from that of the regional accreditation process. Most education observers consider nationally accredited schools to be less challenging. Some employers may not have a preference, but top employers prefer candidates who have degrees from regionally accredited schools.

Regionally accredited college graduates typically pursue more intellectually based careers. These graduates seek to become doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, information technology professionals, and criminal justice professionals. These online universities are typically four-year schools. The schools are ideal for students with highly ambitious career plans. Each college and university receives accreditation from the same accreditation governing body in their region.

Online schools receive accreditation by the same organization that issues accreditations to traditional universities. The regional accreditation process is more challenging than a national accreditation. Therefore, not all applicants receive approval. The allure of prestige attracts students of a higher quality. In addition, regionally accredited schools often have specialized accreditation, which is to say they offer separately accredited online degree programs. Of course, more advantages exist to pursuing regionally accredited schools and programs.

The Advantages

The competition is ferocious within regionally accredited online colleges and universities. If you are seeking opportunities and options, you will have many. Regardless of your chosen profession, you will be able to apply for any job you want. A distinct advantage of regional accreditation is being able to apply for top paying jobs. You will make more money in any position than someone who did not graduate from a regionally accredited school. In general, you will have more career choices and receive more compensation for your prestigious degree.

Regionally accredited online colleges are ideal for many students. If you seek top career in an intellectually-based career, this is the option for you. Apply to a regionally accredited school to make a difference in your life.

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