Gaining Control of Job Security

This article will help discuss different ways that you can increase your value to your employer hopefully creating a bit more job security for yourself. You can never create 100% job security for yourself just because there are so many factors that are involved. The more value that you bring to the company the more secure your position becomes.

When I started doing some of my research I came across a great article that talked about “Job Security in the New Millenium”. Jobs are much different or are not looked at the same as people use to look at jobs. My father in-law and mother in-law both retired from General Motors. That was the ideal job back in the day. Find a big company that your can work for your whole life and retire. Well things have changed.

Job Security is much more than a single job that you are trained to do. Job security is the ability to make yourself so valuable that your current employer won’t want to get rid of you, but if they have to you will easily find another job to replace that one. Your employers will recommend you when you ask them to.

Why Job Security is Important

Did I really need that title for this section. It is very obvious. In a world as we have today you should always be concerned about job security, especially if you own a house and have a family to support. Some of the things to be concerned about.

  1. Company requires downsizing because the business is not making enough to pay all their bills. This is a market based variable so the company does not always have control of this factor.
  2. Corporate buyouts. When a company is bought out they often times will evaluate every position and the need for each position. Is your job necessary?
  3. Vendor buyouts. If your company sells a product and your vendors start reorganizing and buying each other this can often time trickle down to your company creating the need to restructure itself and evaluate new strategies. Are you part of the new strategies?
  4. Misc. There are tons of other reasons that are specific to each company that can often times lead to downsizing. Be aware of these within the company you work for.

Increasing Your Value – Becoming the “Go To”

This section is completely open to modifications. If you have any other suggestions that aren’t listed, please leave some comments and explain your suggestions.

First thing is first, you need to understand your value to the company. What do you bring to the table that no one else does? Why would your boss opt to keep you over the guy in the cubicle next to you? As you understand your own skillset and what you bring to the company you gain more confidence as you work and your present yourself in a positive way. You become they go to employee.

Some things you can do to create make yourself a “go to” employee are:

  1. Always be willing to learn. If you can present yourself as a problem solver and that you have not become the old dog that will not learn new tricks, you immediately increase your value. You must deliver though. People that are willing to learn will often times open up new opportunities for themselves.
  2. Stand out. If you participate in the meetings and seem involved in the company and that you are a part of the company they will see your value to the company. This can be looked at as a brown noser but the people calling your a brown noser are going to be some of the first employees to go most likely.
  3. Continue your education. You can always be learning new things that are not even a part of your current position. This may involve enrolling in online certificate training, completing your online bachelors or masters degree, or just even going through online tutorials.
  4. Be trustworthy. This brings me back to the scout oath of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, blah blah blah. If you can be trusted along with all of the other things mentioned, your employer will trust you with new positions and new opportunities and feel you are a valuable asset to the company.
  5. Be positive. Always be positive. A positive attitude will rub off as much as a negative attitude does. Create a positive environment and try to enjoy your job and others will talk about you and want to work with you. Employers are always looking for employees that play nice with one another and work well in team environments. When you are positive you present yourself very well.
  6. Show gratitude. People love hearing thank you. It makes them feel valued and also that what they do matters to you. When you present yourself as a grateful employee you often times will find yourself respecting your position and the time that you work in that position. You will find yourself working more effectively because you will make better use of your time.
  7. Make suggestions. Anyone that can help the company improve their process will find themselves rewarded for their contributions. If they are not, then I would reevaluate your job and position. Suggest things that will make your job easier so you can perform better and look better.
  8. Know your value. You need to know your value. If you don’t understand what you bring to the table then it will be hard for you to convince your employer that they should keep you.
  9. Stand up for yourself. If you don’t stand up for yourself, you may not find anyone else standing up for you. When it’s time to lay off or downsize it’s everyone for themselves. Don’t talk negatively about others, but speak positively about yourself.
  10. Give a crap. My grandpa always said, “You can’t pay someone to give a crap.” He used other words but you can imagine. It’s hard to find someone who truly cares about their position. They are a diamond in the rough. If you can get involved in your position and show that you truly do care about your position, your employer will see. If you do many of the above mentioned things, you will find that you give a crap about your position.

Understand that not every job is the perfect job and understand that you can always find another job if you have truly tried to increase your value as an employee.

Please leave your comments and suggestions below. I hope this has given some people some ideas that will help them feel more secure in their position and not so worried if they need to look for another position.

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