How to Survive a Summer at Home

After 9 months of coming and going as you please, and doing what you want, when you want, moving back home can certainly cramp your style. Your parents are still the king and queen of the castle and it might be hard to find your place at home again. Here are our best tips to survive a summer at home.

Establish Boundaries- Before moving back home with your parents you should sit down and have a discussion about what you both expect. Talk about chores, what is expected of you, and if there will be a curfew. Resolve any issues that come up.

Be Productive- Your parents will not be impressed if you move home to live on their couch. While it may be tempting at the beginning, it is sure to wear on both you and your parents.  If you don’t plan on getting a job, at least establish a schedule. Get out of the house and volunteer or intern at a local company.

Get a Job- Take advantage of the free rent and start saving money. You don’t need to take on any jobs that you won’t be able to leave in a few months. Find a seasonal job in your area. Working for a landscaping company can send you back to school in the fall tanned and fit with some extra cash in your wallet.

Show respect- You wouldn’t leave your stuff lying around your apartment for your roommates to clean up so why would you do it at home? Show your parents the courtesy of cleaning up after yourself and helping with chores.

Spend Time Together- Don’t just use your parents for free rent. They let you move back in because they like you. Spend quality time with them whenever your home. You’ll be back to college in no time and a closed door all the time will send the message that you want nothing to do with them.

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