Solution Architect Job Description

Solution Architect Job Description

Have you ever thought the applications, software, and computer systems design are inefficient or ineffective throughout the company for which you work? If you are able to see where an organization might improve their information technology infrastructure, you might fit the solution architect job description. These positions are prestigious with great pay and challenging work.

In General

The solution architect job description of today would be similar to that of an information technology consultant or a senior systems analyst in the past. Positions and job titles continue to evolve alongside of technological advances and shifting influences in business. Successful people in these positions will possess a specific type of personality and similar characteristics. You will be an extremely well-rounded individual in business, technology, and communication.

While you will be responsible for creating and implementing new systems directives, you will also be required to speak with non-technical people in various facets of the organization. You might work with high-level executives to explain the initiative of your systems and applications designs as these systems are highly costly to any organization, regardless of the organization’s size. At the same time, you might work directly with other IT individuals to create the applications you wish to utilize to create increased organizational efficiency.

Solution Architect Job Description: More Specifically

While you may be sitting in on high-level meetings, you will also be responsible for completing several daily activities crucial to the success of this position. Your solution architect job description may include the architecture design of applications you wish to implement company wide. You might also be required to analyze the entire system to find ways to improve efficiencies. You may have to design product specifications for others to use as a guide. You might be responsible for training employees, suppliers, customers, etc. on how to use the new applications.

Your solution architect job description may also include some less exciting responsibilities. You may be required to provide technical support to all users. You may have to review thousands of lines of code. You may conduct stress tests or a functional analysis. You will be required to create user friendly instructions so even the most technologically challenged individual might use your applications and systems.

Other responsibilities in a solution architect job description may be more end user or project orientated. You may be asked to blog about the new application. You will be required to adhere to a timeline and a strict monetary budget. You must delegate, prioritize, and manage the creation team. You will work with people in other areas of the organization to ensure the applications and systems being created are relevant to the daily functions of departmental employees. It cannot be expressed enough that people aspiring to become a solution architect have impeccable interpersonal skills.

These positions are not for individuals who enjoying working alone or prefer independent projects. You will help mold the functional capabilities of organizations with your superior skill set. But, if you feel that you fit the solution architect job description, don’t let anyone stop you. You could start the path to one of these top careers today by signing up for online courses through one of many top online universities.

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